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  • ISBN10: 1904233651
  • ISBN13: 9781904233657
  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Little, Brown Book Group

by Stephenie Meyer

Reviewed by supastarrr

Rating: 5 out of 5

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A wonderfully written modern day fantasy book.Although it is not entirely original it is still fast paced and packed with action, horror and romance.


Bella Swan moves from Arizona to Forks, a sleepy town in Waskington where the sun rarely shines and the logs are covered in green. During lunch at school she sees a stunningly beautiful family all with pale white skin, and amazing good looks. Her newly found friend explains to her that they are the Cullens, five teenagers adopted by Dr cullen a few years ago. But one of them stands out to Bella the most, the one staring at her with deep topaz eyes. In biology Bella is asked to sit by the stunning boy whose name is Edward. Edward doesn't speak to her and leans away from her in apparent pain. Bella is confused and wonders how someone could hate her so quickly. Bella and Edward eventually begin a forbidden relationship between human and vampire but neither one of them can break away both knowing the danger. I recommend it to teenage girls especially for the narrator is Bella who is female.

everyone i know who has read it loved it and I hope, if you give it a read you will enjoy just as much.

***** 5 stars

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