Frequently Asked Questions

Although we've tried to make Revish as easy to use and understand as possible, here are some common questions we're asked, and some answers:

General questions

What can I do at Revish?

Read and write book reviews, keep and share a list of the books you're reading, keep and share a list of your favourite books, participate in discussions with other readers and reviewers, make new friends, get free books, that sort of thing.

Isn't Revish just another LibraryThing/Shelfari clone?

No! Revish is all about book reviews, not cataloging your collection. We link to LT from every book and review page, we love them so much.

If you want to catalogue your book collection I encourage you to go look elsewhere. Here, just follow one of these links and sign-up there (but come back here to write reviews): LibraryThing, Shelfari.

I'm not convinced. What makes the reviews on Revish different to those on LibraryThing or Shelfari?

Two things. Firstly reviews have to be over a minimum length to be accepted here. You'll find no one-liners here. Secondly, we provide guidelines for reviewers to encourage them to write meaningful reviews that will help others decide if they might like the book in question.


Which books can I review?

At the moment you can review any book in Amazon's US, UK and Canadian catalogues. Use the "Search" facility to search for your book. In the near future you'll also be able to add any book with an ISBN to Revish.

Can I post reviews in languages other than english?

We currently only accept reviews in english. Depending on demand international versions of Revish may be developed in the future.

Can I review my own book?

Sorry, no. That really wouldn't be fair. But if you contact us we will happily list it as available for review, and invite reviewers to express an interest in reading and reviewing it.

Can I post a review to Revish that's already on my blog/review site/library site?

You can, but we'd prefer to just link to it. There's a "Reviews elsewhere" bit on each book's page where we link to reviews of books on other sites. Just email us the details and we'll get your reviews added.

Can I post a review from Revish on my blog/review site/library site?

Of course, with one exception. If you received the book through Revish your review can only appear here. In the very near future we'll be releasing tools which will make it easy to include Revish reviews on your own site, or if you're a techno-whizz you can use the API or the RSS feeds.

Can I use reviews from Revish for commercial purposes?

Not without our express permission. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, we're sure we'll be able to work something out.

Your account

I forgot my password

That's okay, we do it all the time. Just go to the Request a new password page and we'll have you sorted in no time.

Will Revish always be free to use?

There will always be a free account option at Revish. We may introduce premium, paid-for accounts in the future as we add more features.

Why do I have a funny user icon?

If you don't have a Flickr account, or upload your own user icon, you're given your own unique MonsterID. We think it's fun.

Feedback and help

I've got an idea for a really cool new feature, will you add it to the site?

It's possible, and we'd love to hear about it. You can post a feature request in the Feature Requests Group, or send it to us by some other means.

We'll take a look, give it our careful consideration, then reject it out of hand. Only kidding. Although we've got loads of ideas of our own for developing Revish, we need all the free help we can get.

Help! I'm stuck!

Get in touch, and we'll get you unstuck. But please check the main Support page first to see if you can't unstick yourself.

I found a bug. What should I do?

Either post a message in the Bug Reports Group, or contact us by another means. Please include as much information as possible, including the browser and operating system of your computer. We'll squish it as soon as we can.

Do you need any help?

We sure do. If you're interested in doing stuff like editing book titles (sometimes Amazon does weird stuff with titles), adding links to reviews elsewhere, or helping out new users in the groups, please get in touch. We'll add your name to the list of helpers and give you the keys to the car. (Okay, the bicycle.)