About Revish

Revish is a place where people share their reading experiences. You can use Revish to keep and share a list of books you're reading, write reviews of books, find recommendations from other readers, and a whole lot more.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, why not sign-up? A standard account is free, and the only thing we charge for is access to Revish Connect, where you can get free books from leading publishers and authors, in exchange for reading and reviewing them.

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Anyone can visit Revish, browse reviews, ratings and reading lists, and read comments made by Revish users. By joining (for free!) you get access to:

Reading lists

Add books to your reading list to let others know what you're reading. Adding books is easy - either search the massive Amazon catalogue or add books from reviews, ratings or other member's reading lists on Revish.


You can write a review of any book you've read. There are some guidelines you need to follow, but generally if you've got an opinion on a book you've read, we'd like to hear it, and think a lot of other people would too. And if you're interested if getting the latest books from publishers and authors for free, it's in your best interests to write good reviews!

Revish members can comment on any review, and our unique spoiler filter makes sure you don't learn more than you want to about books you haven't read yet, but can still discuss fully books you have.


You can add any other Revish user to your contact list. Once you do this you'll be able to keep up with what they are reading, reviewing and enjoying easily, and participate in reading groups with them. It's a fun and easy way of discovering new books and making friends.


Create and join groups to discuss books, reading and anything else that takes your fancy with other Revish members.


You can rate any book you've read, not only those you've reviewed. In fact we actively encourage you to do so - it's a fantastic way to help other members find books they might enjoy.

There's more

There's even more we don't have room to cover here - tags, subjects, Revish Connect, member private messaging, a fully featured API and simple ways to include your Revish content on your blog or website.

Who's behind Revish?

Revish was created by Dan Champion and is a product of Champion Internet Solutions Limited, a Scottish company developing exciting new websites with an emphasis on web standards and accessibility. The full Revish team consists of: