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by Stephenie Meyer

Reviewed by TheTamari

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Crackula Genesis

Oh, Twilight. You might be the sweetest CrackFic there is.

I'm completely torn - yes, I've given this book a four-star rating, but that's not indicative of the writing quality. No, this book stole my affection with it's guilty-pleasure hook of a vampire love-story.

As a ten-year-old I visited an Aunty who had the entire perimeter of her living room covered with Mills & Boons. I believed then that I would never go down that path, that I would never pick up even one copy of those Fabio-emblazoned crapfests. No, because literature is sacred damnit!!! (And besides,

I could easily sate my trash-cravings with reality TV gameshows and NW magazine). And yet, I yielded to the hype produced by the release of the movie, and decided to take home the first copy of Stephenie Meyer's series, for the lolz if nothing else.

So laugh I did, mostly at heroine Bella's many overdone descriptions of Edward's beauty, and then at the sheer cheesiness of their 'pure love', but you know...

I started to love the characters. I wanted to slap myself.

Edward's a friggen unicorn of a guy (aside from being an actual mythical creature) - EVERYTHING about him is perfect. Even his breath. His magical, too sweet breath. Uh, I'm gonna chuck in a quote here where Bells in totally dazzled by his magic breath. That cracked my shit up.

Fun enough ride though. This book consumed me.

I'm horrified.

I'm gonna be saying this on all of my Twilight series reviews - nobody has been more right about the series than Cleolinda (of m15m fame) on LiveJournal. Her stuff is just art. And for that, I am very thankful to Stephenie Meyer.

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