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  • Little, Brown Young Readers

by Stephenie Meyer

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A very good book.


Ask: Why did Edward leave Bella if his main motive was to not hurt her? Why did Edward tell Bella he didnt want her anymore? Why did Jacob turn into a werewolf after the vampires left? How did Jacob contribute to Bella's emotions throughout the book?

Connect: When Edward left Bella, she was losing someone she loved and cared about. Ive also lost a loved one and even though we lost them in different ways it still hurt. I could understand her emotions and why she tried to hide from them. Edward had left Bella telling her he didnt want her anymore. Edward was Bella's whole life and thats all wanted and cared about. After he left she tried to stay away from the memories she had of him because she was afraid of hurting even more. The person I lost died unexpectedly and everyone was shocked. For many months I also tried to hide from the memories and feeling, but now I know I have to embrace what I had not what I lost.

Interpret: "Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me." After Edward had left Bella she tried to numb her emotions. Everything in that small town reminded her of what she lost. Afraid to open up the scars and feel the pain again she became lifeless, but after many months of pain and misery she had awoken from the nightmare she was living in. Jacob Black was her crutch and she was finally living life again.

Evaluate: I would give New Moon a B+ because I could feel what the main character was feeling throughout the whole book. Although some points in the story were kinda dull, I found it easy to connect to and was very interesting in many ways. I also liked how the author writes the story in first person, it personalized the story even more. I also liked it because it focused more on Bella, not Edward. It also gave more detail into Jacob and his feelings.I would recomend this story to all ages. It was a great, romatic thiller!


Title: The title "new moon" refers to the opposite of a full moon. A new moon is the darkest phase of the lunar cycle. In the book it was the darkest part of Bella's life.

Tone: The overall tone of the book is very depressing and miserable. Throughout the whole book Bella was very lethargic and melancholic. For example, when Edward left Bella he had said she would forget him and it would be like he had never existed. Thats all she wanted now, she was willing to endure and the pain and suffering just to remember him. She could not forget, that was her worst fear. She knew someday she would not be able to remember the percise color of his eyes, the feeling of his cool skin against hers, or the texture in his voice. p. 116

Theme: The main theme in New Moon is dealing with grieve and the struggle to move on after the loss of a loved one. The book also explores love and how devestation a relationship is when it ends. The book goes on to explain how Bella finds the courage to move on. The irony about this book is Edward tries to kill himself when he thinks Bella is dead. Bella becomes lifeless when she loses the one she loves and Edward tries to kill himself. The book shows two harsh ways to deal with the loss of a loved one. I believe the author was trying to show the world there are many better ways in coping with pain.

Diction: Overall the stories diction is colloquial. This shows the character is in present day and is pretty young. For example, in the book Bella says "By the end of the day, the silence was becoming ridiculous. I didn’t want to be the one to break it, but apparently that was my only choice if I ever wanted him to talk to me again." p.55 which shows she isnt speaking formally. Most of the characters in this book talk in that diction besides one, which is Edward. He talks archaicly because he was born in the early 1900s.

Imagery: There is one part of the book where Bella compares her emotions to waves, pulling her under. She goes on to explane how she could not resurface, she was lifeless and depressed. p.84 There was another part where Bella explains there must be light but it is utterly dark, just like the period of life she is living in. p. 74

Shifts: The books attitude changes after Bella's birthday party. Bella and Edward's relationship was going amazing and Bella's overall life was at its peek. But after Bella cut her finger opening a present and Edward was forced to save her from his brother the tone of the book changes completely. The author also considers Edwards point of view when she describes why he is leaving Bella.

Summary: The story starts off when Bella is having a nightmare about growing old with Edward staying the same; at that moment that was Bella's only fear. Edward decided to leave when Bella cut her finger at her party and he had to save her from his own brother. Bella went a little crazy and hears Edward's voice when she does dangerous stuff, therefor she jumps off a bring to hear his voice again. Edward, thinking she was dead tried to kill himself, but Bella gets to him before he does it.

Conflict: In this book the conflict person vs. self shows the most because Bella is struggling with her own emotions. This story also have the conflict person vs. society because Bella becomes distant with her friends and they all started to hate her.

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