Revish Help

Getting started with Revish - the basics

Everything you do at Revish starts with finding a book. You find books by using the Find facility, which searches Amazon's vast catalogues of books in the US, UK and Canada (you can set the default catalogue in your profile). Once you've searched you'll see a list of results like this:

Search results from the find facility

Book details

Click the title of the book to see the book's details on Revish. This will list any reviews of the book, and anyone on Revish who has read it, added it to their favourite books, or is reading it right now, and the average rating given to the book by Revish users.

Review a book

You can review any book already on Revish, or found via the Find facility. Just follow the review link and complete the review form. Please be sure to read our review guidelines before you write your first review.

Add a book to your reading list

Your reading list is the place to keep books you're reading right now. Follow the reading list link to add a book to your reading list. When you've finished the book visit its page, and follow the link to remove it from your reading list. You can then do any or all of these things - review it, rate it, move it to your reading history, add a note to it.

Add a book to your favourites

Your favourites list is the place to put all of your very favourite books. This helps others compare your tastes to theirs, and let you find people with similar tastes, and whose reviews you'll almost certainly enjoy.

Rate a book

You can rate any book already on Revish, or found via the Find facility. Just follow the rate link and assign the book a rating from 1 to 5, with 5 being much better than 1.

Watch a book

Watch a book to receive an email whenever someone at Revish reviews or rates the book.

Contacts, messages and groups


When you find people on Revish who write reviews you enjoy, or who have favourite books you also enjoyed, it's a good idea to add them to your list of contacts. This makes it much easier to track what they are reading and enjoying, and who knows you might even become friends.

You can add someone to your contacts from any review page, or from the person's profile page. You'll also find yourself added to other people's contact lists - you'll receive an email every time this happens.


All Revish users have access to our message system. This lets you send messages to other Revish users, and receive messages from them. You can send messages to any other user, not just your contacts. It's a safe way to make contact with other users without giving them your email address.


If you like to discuss books, reading, or any other subject, or want to tell us what you think of Revish, then the Revish Groups are for you. Here you can participate in discussions about whatever you like - anyone can create a group, and you can join any existing groups that haven't been marked as private.If you've never used anything like this before head over to the Introduce yourself group and do just that - you'll be sure of a warm welcome.

I need more help

No problem! There's a bit more information in the FAQs, or you can contact us with any query at all and we'll do our best to help.