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daniel chavez moran how to travel longer and cheaper? We sometimes prevents you travel long life because of the high costs involved. daniel chavez moran blog At least that is what we believe. I made several trips in recent years six months without ruining me. So how do we travel long cheaply? Simply organizing one's own journey. Here is how. Implementation steps 1. For transport: Check the tickets on the Internet, and then negotiate with several travel agencies * For domestic transportation, daniel chavez moran blog use public transport (bus / train / boat / airline low cost ) * For organized tours, shopping products available in many local travel agencies 2. For housing : * Usually I stay in small hotels in the city center in singles ( single ), with fan (sometimes air conditioning ) and en suite bathroom (some with shared bathroom facilities ). * If you are two, daniel chavez moran blog you will save on housing. * Travel guides Lonely Planet or Backpacker offers a range of guesthouses and small hotels 3. Eating and drinking * Usually lunch, I take a light lunch or fruit for lunch, I enjoy late afternoon aperitif and a good evening, I take a good meal in a restaurant * To save more, just eat in the markets or stalls of street vendors 4. To get an accurate idea of ​​what the trip costs must reflect savings that we starting six months : * Storage of self : registration, insurance, daniel chavez moran blog fuel * Minimal cost to drink and eat * Judgment of various services : cable, phone, internet, newspapers * Stop my leisure and my cultural activities * Reduced heating * You can sublet your apartment or rent your home Tips and Warnings Tip (s): THE REAL COST OF TRAVEL IS SO WHAT WE DONE THE COST OF TRAVEL RATHER THAN STAY AT HOME. How to book a stay in Rio during Carnival? The Rio Carnival is one of the biggest festival in the world and you've decided to stay in this city to be at the forefront? daniel chavez moran blog Here are some tips to prepare for a trip to Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Implementation steps 1. You should know that this event is very popular and you will need to go well in advance if you want to get tickets and do not pay the price of gold. 2. Many tour operators offer this service in their catalog : daniel chavez moran blog visit their site and make comparisons. Some include a costume rental, an entry in a samba school, an entrance ticket for the performance. 3. Some combine participation in the carnival and explore the area and sometimes a cruise. This is a good solution since the holidays last four days and it would be a shame to limit your stay in this period. 4. Carnival- offers a stay for Carnival 2009 with a participation in a samba school and a tour and more : daniel chavez moran blog Reservations must be made before December. Tips and Warnings Tip (s): Sites offering this trip:, Vivatours Brazil Brésiltour. Warning (s ) Caution: Your passport must be valid 6 months after the date of entry, you must have a return ticket or onward. Visa or vaccine are required.


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