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Use this group to report bugs in Revish, no matter how minor or major. Please include as much information as possible - the URL, what you were doing at the time, your browser (including version), the phase of the moon, that sort of thing.


SubjectAuthorStartedRepliesLast post
Searching Errormwilburn10 years ago1danchamp 10 years ago
Problem finding Amazon booklaura11 years ago0laura 11 years ago
Problem with Reading HistoryBookSmuggler13 years ago2cedarwaxwing 12 years ago
quirky searching with amazon.comcornerhouse14 years ago8mrwalker 13 years ago
Glitch on 'to be read' listscunnered13 years ago3darklydreaming 13 years ago
The Revish RSS feed seems to be deadeatyourgreens13 years ago1danchamp 13 years ago
Timed outdeargreenplace13 years ago3cedarwaxwing 13 years ago
Favourites Pageptero2714 years ago1danchamp 14 years ago
ISBN search returns only one editionchrisko14 years ago1chrisko 14 years ago
Glitches with books in a series.rayechu14 years ago2darkelf105 14 years ago
HTML nonbreaking spaces in reviewskarmadillo14 years ago1danchamp 14 years ago
Search results message text missing the result count when count = 1Sam14 years ago3Sam 14 years ago
Multi-Word Tagsabvr14 years ago1Jaemi 14 years ago
Minor flickr bug - assumes URL = usernameeatyourgreens14 years ago10suncat 14 years ago
Timed out?cedarwaxwing14 years ago8danchamp 14 years ago
Can't add a book again...Jaemi14 years ago1danchamp 14 years ago
'Read' books shown as 'on your reading list' when ratedSam14 years ago1danchamp 14 years ago
books without ISBN in search resultscornerhouse14 years ago4danchamp 14 years ago
Same books by different publishers not linked?jingle14 years ago3danchamp 14 years ago
Mail tab text incorrectSam14 years ago3danchamp 14 years ago
Book appears multiple times under 'To be read by'rowlando14 years ago2danchamp 14 years ago
Books on "reading now" appear on "to be read" toojingle14 years ago2jingle 14 years ago
Minor error in warningcherrypj14 years ago1danchamp 14 years ago
special entities displayed as text in reviewscornerhouse14 years ago0cornerhouse 14 years ago
Blank Bookshappenchance14 years ago5danchamp 14 years ago
Reproducible PHP error adding book to reading listSam14 years ago5Sam 14 years ago
Unable to remove books from reading list directlySam14 years ago0Sam 14 years ago
read/unread topics in groupscornerhouse14 years ago0cornerhouse 14 years ago
redirection to main pagecornerhouse14 years ago0cornerhouse 14 years ago
multiple reads of the same bookcornerhouse14 years ago1danchamp 14 years ago