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I'm regularly sent review copies of books, or invited to request review copies of books from publishers and authors all over the world. Until Revish Connect is up and running I'll post details of books available for review here. If you're interested in receiving any of the books listed please reply here or message danchamp, and I'll either send you the book or pass your details on to the publisher. Please be aware that you are committing to reading and reviewing any books you receive.


SubjectAuthorStartedRepliesLast post
Watch Me NovelRoushiPazouki11 years ago1sacrificesilent 7 years ago
Who Killed Callaway?danchamp14 years ago2oleumina 7 years ago
There's Something About Danielrobynstecher11 years ago1oleumina 7 years ago
Secrets of a Mysterious Older WomanConstanceFeathers11 years ago0ConstanceFeathers 11 years ago
Principle Centered Livingrevdrsheldonewilliams11 years ago0revdrsheldonewilliams 11 years ago
29 Days ... to a habit you want!richardfast11 years ago0richardfast 11 years ago
The Instant: The Little Book of DeathMerihTurkdogan11 years ago0MerihTurkdogan 11 years ago
Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Therapeutic Uses of Medicinal Plants - Dravyagunavignyansainireema9211 years ago0sainireema92 11 years ago
the power of sevenscoggialicia13 years ago0scoggialicia 13 years ago
Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Webdanchamp13 years ago0danchamp 13 years ago
Blue Heron Marsh: A Webb Sawyer Mystery by Douglas Quinndanchamp14 years ago1MauriceAWilliams 14 years ago
A Trial of One by Mary E. Martindanchamp14 years ago0danchamp 14 years ago
Final Paradox by Mary E. Martindanchamp14 years ago0danchamp 14 years ago
Conduct in Question by Mary E. Martindanchamp14 years ago0danchamp 14 years ago
Leonardo's Shadow by Christopher Greydanchamp14 years ago2danchamp 14 years ago
Twin Voices: A Memoir of Polio, the Forgotten Killerdanchamp14 years ago0danchamp 14 years ago
The Future Happens Twice - The Perennial Project by Matt Brownedanchamp14 years ago3MauriceAWilliams 14 years ago
Christine Kringledanchamp14 years ago2danchamp 14 years ago
The Room by Ray Melnik danchamp14 years ago0danchamp 14 years ago
"The Dark Dreamweaver," book 1 of The Remin Chroniclesdanchamp14 years ago5Jaemi 14 years ago
A Secret of the Universe by Stephen L. Gibsondanchamp14 years ago0danchamp 14 years ago
The Vengeance Trap by A.L.Hansendanchamp14 years ago9silentdesperation 14 years ago
Mystery of the Crying Ghost by Rita Hsu Syers danchamp14 years ago2danchamp 14 years ago
Nomad's Land by Susan Kathleendanchamp14 years ago8cedarwaxwing 14 years ago
Moon Canadian Rockies: Including Banff and Jasper National Parksdanchamp14 years ago2danchamp 14 years ago
Moon Alberta: Including Banff, Jasper, and the Canadian Rockiesdanchamp14 years ago0danchamp 14 years ago
Stand Clear Doors Closing by Shane Conroydanchamp14 years ago27silentdesperation 14 years ago
There Is No Key To Happiness, The Door Is Always Open, by Marc Phillip Gohresdanchamp14 years ago4silentdesperation 14 years ago
The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears by Dinaw Mengestudanchamp14 years ago5silentdesperation 14 years ago