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  • biographies (0 topics) this is a group for us who like to read biographies and memoirs
  • Buckyballs magnetic balls (0 topics)

    Buckyballs Based in China and offering customized buckyballs magnet puzzles combined with the promise of a high level of service.

    Superballs Features custom buckyballs kits, independently produced. Provides a history of Guild, image gallery, definitions, FAQ, and contact information.

  • Crime and detection (1 topic) To discuss books in the genre of crime fiction, detection, mystery and thriller.
  • Download friend | Your friend for download (0 topics) motore di ricerca di download Dwfriend, motore di ricerca per download gratis. Escludiamo i link pubblicitari e i link pieni di virus mostrando solo il vero download.
  • Fantasy Fanatics (5 topics) Discussions, debates, recommendations, raving and criticizing anything and everything fantasy.
  • Fresh Flowers as Means of Happiness (1 topic) Flower is the wonderful creation of nature. It not only brings happiness to the lives of our life but also makes all celebration bright and beautiful. Put online order of Fresh Flowers at Low Cost to the people of India and express your best love and affection. Free home delivery is also available in the Online Shopping Store. Now you reach out to your loved ones in just a single whenever you want through various online sites.
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  • Historical Fiction (4 topics) A place to discuss historical fiction novels and share info about upcoming titles.
  • History / Historical Biography (1 topic) Not sure if this is one genre or two: I mean factual, researched writing about the past - a period, a theme or a person.
  • Improve Testosterone Levels For Enjoying Manhood! (0 topics) Anabolic RX24 is specially made to help people get rid of low stamina, less interest in sex and weak personality. So just login to its website and get your bottle of miracle
  • Is ChickLit A Dirty Word? (2 topics) I know you ChickLit readers are out there - and I want to know what you're reading! Come and discuss what's good (and what's bad) about ChickLit.
  • Jewelry shopping discussion (0 topics) cheap fashion jewelry to show off your personality is actually not break the rules also one of the best ways to break the bank ! It is composed of a variety of styles of contemporary MOD inspired filigree earrings mixed metal necklace hanging in different lengths. Such jewelry can also be classified in the popularity of the products available in the market . Fashion jewelry trend today is to create market demand. Industrial structure is the wholesale shift from retail. This is also the trend-conscious ; For those who like the new and unusual designs , shapes and colors to experiment. Costume jewelry , fashion jewelry is often called , is used to refer to those who do not get the real precious metal and gemstone jewelry terminology. Fashion accessories are a much more stylish than women . They also reflect a personal style . Today's popular jewelry filigree earrings mixed metal necklace hanging at different lengths in a variety of styles of contemporary MOD inspiration. Cheap fashion jewelry is ideal to buy on a whim , so that after a period of time if it tires you, you do not have to spend a fortune to feel its pinch. It is often those who want cheap cheap jewelry online or who want an inexpensive way to store jewelry and fashion jewelry retailers to update their wardrobe purchase . Where you can buy it in stores often sell rings, earrings , bracelets , pendants, necklaces and watches.
  • Non-fiction (3 topics) A place to discuss all of the non-fiction you love that does not fit into the other categories.
  • Philosophy (0 topics) For those of us who love to read - and read about - philosophy.
  • Rejuven Eye Max (0 topics) Rejuven Eye Max is an amazing anti aging formula that will help to reduce dark circles, age spots and other aging signs from your skin. The formula is very safe to use that will help you gain brighter and younger looking skin.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy (1 topic) Critiques, feedback and general discussion of in all general fantasy and science fiction sub-genres.
  • Send Chocolate as an appetizing present on Mother’s Day (0 topics) Giving a gift is a universal way to show interest, appreciation, and gratitude, as well as strengthen bonds with others. A way to express feelings, giving reinforces appreciation and acknowledgement of each other. The feelings expressed mainly depend on the relationship between giver and recipient. Different online shop brings a variety of gifts that will be extremely loved and admired by your loving mother. Mother’s Day gift need not be much expensive but it must show your love and affection towards your loving mother.
  • Sexuality, Voice and Resistance (1 topic) A Group for discussing titles involving breaks from conventional patriarchal notions of sexuality, authors with original voices, and work that chronicles remarkable acts of resistance.
  • Web design and user experience (1 topic) A group for web design/development titles with a focus on web standards, user experience, information architecture, usability and accessibility.
  • YA Fantasy (4 topics) For fantasy lovers of the Young Adult fiction persuasion.
  • YA Lit (4 topics) For those who serve young adults or just enjoy reading the lit written for them!